From breaking ground to cutting tape: how corrosion control saves time and money in construction

Time is money. Whether you are on a new build or repair work, you can’t afford to have your project thrown off schedule for any reason. Of course, quality control is never easy, and in construction, you have to juggle OSHA and EPA guidelines while meeting your client’s bottom line. The preventative corrosion control measures outlined by SSPC and NACE are probably at the bottom of your list, but here’s why they should be top-of-mind: asset failure caused by corrosion can cause you to go over budget, over deadline and can even cause downtime due to work-related accidents.

An experienced third-party coatings inspector can help ensure you stay on track (and in compliance) by advising you on the correct protective coatings for your structure and, when it comes time to apply the coatings, making sure the coatings applicators do their job per the standard — the first time. And, after the job is done, whether it’s a small renovation or a from-the-ground build, a third-party inspection company can ensure you’re using best practices to mitigate corrosion on assets and prevent future corrosion through the implementation of a comprehensive preventative corrosion control plan.

FeO has the experience necessary to get any coatings job done, from project management to initial inspections. SSPC awarded them the QP5 certification, the platinum standard for corrosion control inspection companies, a status achieved by only 13 companies worldwide. To achieve this honor, FeO has been objectively measured based on industry best practices, personnel expertise and quality of services, meaning you can hand your project management needs over to them without a worry. We’ll keep you out of the headlines and make sure even your toughest corrosion control projects stay on budget, on schedule and within scope.

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